Connect to what matters.

These eyeglasses are just the same glasses you use but with a healthy twist this glasses are a tool to help users block all the screens and advertising that we find in our path every day and also start using less our phones by activating the "do not disturb" mode the glasses allow communication via bone conducted headphones, only when it’s important, through messages or calls using only voice command.

The Active Bio Polarized glass stimulates microorganisms within the polarizing film causing them to move from a vertical to a horizontal position blocking all the light coming from the screens that are horizontally polarized making it appear that they are turned off. In this way without noticing the glasses can help us stop staring at screens and start staring at life.

The Boneconducted headphones allow users to communicate only with the people they mark as “urgent” or important on their cellphones, enabeling only to have phone calls or even to write text messages using voice comand. This keeps users away from their cell phone but without the anxiety of being