table munari

Desgined by Fuksas studio for Cleto Munari

This table was developed during 2021, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas and veleoped by the design team its a a patchwork of polychrome marble, which for the elegant combination of the colors of the rectangles recalls the splendor of the “Florentine mosaic”, and even more the magnificent flooring of the Cathedral of Siena – a decorative complex of inlays among the most interesting in history.

Isidora, the table designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas is a mighty piece of furniture with a great stylistic personality. In the tabletop, the raw material is used in extremely precise fragments, divided into multiple single elements, and combined and joined together to create a smooth surface with a powerful expressive charm thanks to the final effect of its chromatic combination. A fully successful operation thanks to the technological craftsmaship of Piero Zanella who decoded the Fuksas project amazingly with an accurate choice of stones and high manufacturing. What is truly surprising is that despite being made of marble, which by nature is a cold element, the table recalls the warmth and enveloping of wood, ore even more of sturdy leater woven into a basket motif. The Isidora table relives a masterpiece of decorative technique with contemporary originality, keeping the timeless opulence of the past alive.