Concept design developed as an exercise in 2021

Long sunny days, bike rides, active social life, walking, picnic's, or grabbing at Bratwurst on the street, these are things that for a Berliner are something of every day, and in city that invites you to enjoy the outdoors with thousands of parks, a pair of sunglasses are something you need, however most the sunglasses become a drag when the sun goes down. The future craft glasses were designed for this active Berliner who hates having his pockets full and to worry about losing or breaking the glasses.

The Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of pride and of European union for all Berliners, which is why it was the source of inspiration for this concept.

Fully foldable eyewear designed for the everyday Berliner.

Ideated super slim and completly foldable to be the perfect companion for the “every Berliner”, the frame is made on titanium and copper alloys making it a sturdy frame with a very small carbon footprint due to its long life span. The temple tips and nose pads are made in soft ecological rubber.

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