FJX controller

The FJX is the best, most ergonomic and easy to use controller in the market with the perfect design to meet the all the needs and expectations from the heavy machinery operators. Presented for a contested in the platform Desall for the company Autec. Didn't won but still I think it was a great work.

Envisioning the future of heavy dutty machinery controllers

The controller gives complete autonomy to the operator by being really easy to understand how it works. Starting from the charging dock designed explicitly to have a fast and easy charging experience to the entire design of the control with a central handle allowing both left and right handed to have complete control over the remote. Also because the experience was the primary goal this control has a flat back with 3 powerful magnets allowing the operator to leave it in any surface to empty the hands quickly. Also it can be wear by the operator using the carabiner, all this small but powerful decisions makes the FJX the perfect alternative por the small and medium tasks.