Award designed for the architecture prize

This award was inspired by the progress that brought concrete to humanity, elongated and straight shape symbolising the future and all the possibilities and many roads that leads the visionaries to success.

The main body it's made from concrete, glasses and a special sand, the idea was to use different colours of concrete and glasses to change the award for each category (Green for ecology, Gold for life award, red and blue.).

The first mockup was made with 3d print because of the complexity of the first concept in 2012

3d printing was on early stage and it was amazing to develop this at that time.

The idea with the second mockup was to decrease the amount of the columns and increasing the size.

It was a fabulous experience to work hand in hand with Cemex to develop this award as I was able to learn in depth about cement and concrete. I am also very proud of having an object designed by me on the shelves of the most important architecture companies in Latin America.

I hope you enjoy this project and if you want more information don't hesitate to ask.