Envisioning our future with Ai

Aura is a tool to overcome the loss of a loved one; using artificial intelligence, this tea set creates a virtual avatar of all the people who use it, learning their voices, how to express themselves and talk, as well as memories and ideas. So that when one of the people dies and the process of mourning begins, people can converse with tea glasses and help people overcome the loss.

We know that it is not healthy for a person to continue talking with someone who has already died for too long, which is why artificial intelligence is an expert psychologist able to understand the pain of people through conversation with the sole purpose of using it. to reduce time and reach the time when people do not need the game of tea ever again.

The design was inspired by two ancient arts the "Cairn" and Japanese "Kintsugi since they are two techniques that we believe are very appropriate for the subject that concerns the project.

Also this project was developed during my master degree in Milan with my team mates Marcelo Portugal, Eleni Sofia Pentsiou, Sammir kadkade, Jane Yan and Francesco Memo.

The prototype was made in matte white PLA with an Ultimaker 3d printer and the lid was made with cork.